Regarding COVID-19

As you are hopefully aware, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. The world is gripped by a horrible disease that is claiming lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

That is why things have been quiet here, and I apologize for the extremely slow response.

If you have been showing up to scheduled runs, I sincerely apologize. I have not.

This period has been very difficult for me, financially, mentally, and emotionally. My race that was scheduled for late April was obviously postponed until next year, and with it’s cancellation went my motivation.

Since the pandemic “started” I have only run a handful of times…simply because I have not felt motivated to.
All of my musculature and strength, my conditioning and fitness, it all went out the window. Now I struggle to run more than a mile when prior to this I was running 7 miles happily.

I sincerely apologize. Truly. I have neglected my responsibility as a running club organizer, and let you down.
Please bear with me in this process.

Until further notice, all scheduled runs are cancelled.

We have to be patient and consider our friends and fellow runners who may have depleted immune systems, and we must all stay safe and healthy for ourselves.

I look forward to running with you again in the near future.


Published by lalooruns

Hi! I'm Haley, aka Laloo. I'm a passion-seeker running for her life. @lalooruns

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