Who We Are


Haley is the founder and President of the Black River Running Club. She created the club out of a passion for running and being outdoors.

She ran her first half marathon and was hooked on running thereafter.

She likes to listen to comedy podcasts during long runs, but laughing and running is harder than it sounds!


Evan is the VP and VIP of Black River Running Club. He is the man behind the camera, and the one cheering you on.

He leads the group in pre-run and post-run stretches and warm-ups.

When he’s not running at the speed of light, he likes to work around his farm, pet random dogs, and “sing” along to heavy metal.

About Us

Wellington Reservoir

Black River Running Club is a group designed to connect like-minded people who share a love of running. Black River runners are committed to living an active, fun lifestyle while giving back to the community around them.
Our runners are committed to two things: doing good for themselves, and doing good for their community!

Doing good for you.

BRRC runners are of all abilities! Simply put, if you like getting outside to move while doing something good for your neighborhood, then this is the community for you. Whether you walk, run, or roll, we are glad to have you.

We have tentatively planned 3 runs during the week, and one long, slow run on Sundays. This schedule is subject to change based on the season, however, so that our runners are able to train for their subjective races while enjoying group runs as well.
See our tentative schedule on our home page.

Doing good for the community.

We believe in having fun, and having fun should be free. We are a running club that does not charge dues.

So you may ask, how do we support our community if we do not charge dues and fees to our members?
At the present, all that we do is donation-based. Funds donated to the Black River Running Club support local initiatives that make our great community greater.
A few of these great initiatives will include:

We are gratefully accepting suggestions for charitable initiatives that support growth and wellness in our community. Contact Haley for more information.

Additionally, we are presently in the process of creating events with the idea of giving back to our neighbors. These events will include fun runs, group walks, tree plantings, river clean ups, and etcetera.

Furry friends welcome.

Dogs are welcome on our group runs, so long as:

Image of runner and dog. | Photo by Sam Lion from Pexels
  • They adhere to park rules and regulations
  • They remain on a leash throughout the run
  • They are well-behaved around strangers and groups of people
  • They are picked-up after

We can’t wait to meet you.

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